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19 march: workshop visible mending by Bronwen Jones

workshop darning by bronwen jones at garment amsterdam

I’m very proud to present this darning workshop by Bronwen Jones in my store because I think she is a true artist♡
We feel the same way about mending: clothing has a past and it has a story to tell, also by the way it looks and has been treated. And of course the obvious: by mending you can prevent from discarding your garment.
Hope you will join!

Read all the details below


PS: I write in English because Bronwen’s workshop will be in English :)

workshop darning by bronwen jones at garment amsterdam

darning workshop
by Bronwen Jones

In this workshop you will learn woven darning — a technique for repairing knitted garments. Bronwen will give a short introduction about her practice and darning, and show some examples. Then she will demonstrate the technique and we can practice together.

You can bring some knitted garments to work on — it is easiest to begin practicing on thicker textiles, such as a sweater/scarf/thick socks/blanket… There will also be some scrap fabric to practice with if you don’t want to start on your own stuff right away.

Bronwen practices this technique visibly as a way to reclaim our beloved garments from being thrown away, you’re welcome to practice as visibly/invisibly as you like!
You’ll also be encouraged to think about the sentimental/emotional value of your clothes and to share stories through your garments while practicing.

sunday 19 march
14 – 17 o’clock
price € 50
materials will be provided and no experience is necessary
workshop will be in English

If you would like to participate send an email to bronwen.yj@gmail.com
Bronwen is an artist from the UK, based in Amsterdam. In her practice she is interested in the relationship between bodies and garments — the stories held in their creases and the traces they leave in one another. For the last two years her main focus has been mending clothing for/with the public as a community-based practice which initiates conversations on care, intimacy, value, and ownership. Her work materialises in these interactions, as well as sculpture and publications.
Bronwen on insta

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